Starting and maintaining a thriving small business requires a wide variety of business skills, from savvy marketing promotions to sound financial management.

We understand the economy is akin to a rough playground where several bullies rule the roost.

Our turnaround management philosophy helps small business clients to compete with the economic bullies by changing just a few operating strategies

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Numbers Matter

How many times have we heard “I’m not a numbers guy” from small business owners operating in different niches? If you are not a “numbers guy,” then why did you start your small business? Business turnaround management is all about the numbers.

You cannot expect your small business to generate profits until you master the numbers.

From calculating the average duration of account receivables to determining the profit margin on each product sold, you have to understand how the numbers make your small business thrive in a highly competitive economy.

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The New Paradigm

In today's uncertain and often turbulent economic times, there is new emphasis on the old adage that "cash is king." Simply put, small businesses that are able to successfully manage and sustain cash flow survive and thrive while others are doomed to fail.

Managing and enhancing cash flow starts with making effective financing decisions

Predatory business loan lenders and merchant cash advance provides often create a "death spiral" for small businesses who cannot restructure those obligations

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Time for an

Small business turnaround management often includes the reinvention of a brand.

By changing your business model, your small business begins to generate more sales and hence, more profits.

The technological revolution has changed the small business paradigm. You might discover an untapped niche market that your small business can serve.

Another way to reinvent your small business is by dedicating resources to the improvement of customer service.

Small business owners should constantly search for opportunities to attract new talent that offer fresh ideas and strategies for making an operational overhaul.

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Business Debt

Business debt settlement is often at the heart of small business turnaround management. We help small business owners develop well-conceived debt workout programs that preserve assets and eliminate most, if not all small business debt.

Your small business remains in operation, while we negotiate business debt settlement deals with secured creditors, as well as the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the IRS. Our business turnaround strategies for debt settlement prevent small businesses from having to file for bankruptcy.

Small businesses that suffer from lower revenues and the inability to service debt are prime candidates for business turnaround management programs that involve debt settlement.

The United States remains a fertile location to open and operate a profitable small business. However, several factors require some small business owners to seek the expertise of a turnaround management firm to get back on solid financial ground.

Do not hesitate to seek small business turnaround management help. The longer you wait, the longer the turnaround management process will take.