Turnaround Capital Group offers businesses facing bankruptcy or liquidation a risk-free alternative

Did you know?

  • over 80% of bankruptcies fail
  • unsatisfied creditors can legally seize equipment, receivables and bank accounts
  • judgments obtained as a result of a personal guaranty may follow you for up to 20 years

However, there are effective options for business owners like you to eliminate debt and return to profitability. Turnaround Capital Group offers businesses facing bankruptcy or liquidation a risk-free alternative. Our alternative dispute resolution experts stand ready to help your business.

Trusted experience

  • our veteran turnaround professionals, debt resolution experts and experienced debt litigation attorneys are dedicated to returning financially distressed businesses to profitability
  • we want to make it easy on you and understand your business may be experiencing cash flow or other problems, so therefore we do not require any up front fees from our clients
  • details matter and our team will spend time with you to gain insights into your business, its operational processes and the issues at hand which caused your current financial instability
  • don’t entrust your business’s livelihood to organizations that are heavy on marketing hype and light on results
  • our professional team brings over 50 years of combined experience in dealing with even the most complex turnaround situations

We can help you

  • negotiate directly with your creditors to help you settle your business debt for pennies on the dollar
  • obtain favorable workout, repayment arrangements and terms with your creditors, suppliers, contract manufacturers, vendors and landlords
  • renegotiate loans, financing agreements, loan and financing agreement covenants, franchise agreements, supplier terms, contract manufacturer terms, vendor agreements and leases to help make your obligations more affordable
  • eliminate, reduce or setup affordable repayment of your federal, state or sales tax liabilities
  • bring you peace of mind and lower your stress by ending collection calls, lawsuits, levies and liens