Corporate Turnaround Management

Turnaround Capital Group employs a comprehensive approach to turnaround management. Our formula includes not only mechanics for debt reduction or restructuring but also guidance and the identification of lost profit opportunities. Turnaround Capital Group’s approach involves analyzing the financial condition of each client and providing responsive, global solutions.
Our clients come to us when

  • They cannot afford to pay their creditors
  • They’ve negotiated with creditors, but with no success
  • They are facing costly litigation
  • They have been unable to obtain financing
  • They face IRS or State tax liabilities.
Turnaround Capital Group has advised 1000’s of small and midsized businesses by restructuring debt obligations to settle for pennies on the dollar or on reasonable repayment arrangements. We have represented clients before both the IRS and state to reduce unpaid tax liabilities. Our professionals have acted as alternative dispute resolution providers in resolving and avoiding costly litigation.



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